Canberra Radio Program attempts to stimulate Local Music Scene

The LocalnLive radio program on Canberra’s 2xx station is asking for donations to fund the filming of local music shows.

LocalnLive hopes to create a Street Team to go out into the community, film Canberra’s best music and make them into video clips to share through LocalnLive’s radio program and online.


The organisers – presenters Sam King and Bec Taylor – are hoping that their proposal, if implemented, will stimulate Canberra’s small but promising music scene.

They believe their initiative will achieve this by allowing locals to find Canberra bands more easily, and by evolving LocalnLive into a multimedia platform for local artists.

“Canberra has so much great music, but its hard to find if you don’t know where to look. LocalnLive is all about sharing it with everyone,” said the duo.

“One thing that Canberra bands need? Videos. Lets grow Canberra’s music together, loudly.”


Donations are open until August 27th, and the ultimate target is $10,000. If $5000 is raised by August 3rd, contributing Canberra bands will upload new music videos to the LocalnLive website.

Donations opened on the 13th of July. The latest donor was NewActon Precinct – a set of new apartments in central Canberra.