Capital Radio Network completes the roll out of ZETTA Digital Playout System

Installation of the ZETTA digital playout system has been completed at FOREVER CLASSIC 6iX and the CAPITAL RADIO NETWORK digital radio stations in Perth.
ZETTA is the most advanced digital radio automation system available and is a part of the suite of broadcast software available from RCS Sound Software.
The installation of ZETTA at 6iX is the final phase of a network-wide roll out for the Capital Radio Network which has been underway for the past six months.
The installation also included the replacement of all hardware associated with the group’s digital playout systems in all markets.
Greg Spencer, Chief Engineer of CAPITAL RADIO NETWORK, said:

”Representatives from RCS undertook the installation over a one week period at the new FOREVER CLASSIC 6IX broadcast studio complex in Osbourne Park Perth. The stations previously had a MASTER CONTROL digital system from RCS.  The installation went smoothly, which can be attributed to the preparation work undertaken at the stations as well as the depth of knowledge and experience of the RCS team. The ZETTA system integrated well with the new AXIA digital studio system at the studio complex.
“ZETTA is a cutting-edge playout system and will provide greater efficiencies across the Capital Radio Network, including connectivity between all sites.”
Keith Williams, Vice President Asia Pacific at RCS said: “I am pleased that we have now completed the Capital Radio Network installation across the group and the efficiencies and advantages ZETTA will now flow right across the group. Sophisticated networking across all stations with world’s best technology and simple to use features in the studio. It’s a game changing decision and seamlessly integrated with GSelector music scheduling”.

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