Radio ninja enlightens CIT students

(CIT) Central Institute Of Technology’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Radio students, who run campus station Boom Radio, have recently been receiving special Master Classes from former 96fm Program Director Brad ‘Ninja’ McNally
With McNally’s extensive radio experiences and knowledge, he’s been running a variety of sessions focusing on a range of topics including research, music directing, leadership and creative copy. The classes have featured presentations but also lengthy personal Q&A’s where the students have been able to quiz McNally and receive feedback on projects.
McNally has previously visited Central as a special guest, but 2015 has been the first time he has run this range of master classes. Exclusive to Central, students have received McNally’s insight into the radio world, which has been truly educational for both courses of Radio students.
Brad McNally says ‘Boom Radio is set up like a real radio station and it’s a great place for students to get a sense of working in a real station, “The course is very intensive and the studios are first class. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the students here. These kids are so passionate about our business and I know many of them will have great careers. It was a pleasure to be a part of these classes.’” 

Head of Radio Philip Vinciullo says ‘”It’s truly been rewarding having Brad run these ‘master classes’ for our students. He has an inspiring story to tell, and his advice to the students has been extraordinary. We hope he’ll be able to run further classes in 2016.”
For those wanting to join CIT/Boom Radio in 2016 enrolments are now open, visit and hit the ‘Apply Now’ button.

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