Careers advice with Brett de Hoedt on 3AK

Around 70% of employed people are unhappy in their work. That may be about to change thanks to 9 To Five and Beyond, the latest addition to Brett de Hoedt’s nine till midnight weeknights program on ‘for sale’ station Talk 1116-3AK.

Each Wednesday at 9.30pm, careers coach Warren Frehse, author of Manage Your Own Career aims to help listeners:

* match their values with the right job

* impress at their next job interview

* leave dead end jobs behind

* pick the right employer

* navigate workplace politics

* give more to / get more from, their workplace

* tackle traditional workplace issues like promotion and pay rises.

“Work is one of the first things people talk about socially,” says de Hoedt who knows a thing or two about workplace issues having publicly resigned from 3AK in January before being invited back in August. “But nobody really talks about it on the radio. Work issues effect everyone in the workforce.”

Warren Frehse is an organisational psychologist with more than 17 years experience in public and private sector Human Resources. He can talk careers, blue and white collar, and is passionate about helping people find meaning and satisfaction in their careers.

“A lot of people go to bed wincing at the thought that they have to go to work the next morning,” says Frehse.

“Anyone in that condition should pick up the bedside phone and call me for some career first aid.”

It is not known whether staff at 3AK have already consulted the careers coach about their prospects after the impending sale.