Caroline Beasley is honoured at the 2022 #NABShow


Wayne Stamm is there for radioinfo.



Caroline Beasley was presented with the NAB’s National Radio Award at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The award recognises outstanding leaders and contributors to radio in the USA. Caroline is the CEO of the Beasley Media Group that was founded by her father and mentor George Beasley, who also received this award in 2015.

In accepting the award, Caroline said, “It’s so very humbling to me to be considered among the many other leaders in the radio industry who have previously received this award.”

“My service to the radio industry has always come from a true love of this business. I literally grew up in it, driving around with my parents and brothers in our big family station wagon, stopping at radio stations along the way, unannounced during our family vacations, so my dad could learn more about the business.

“More than 60 years later, my brothers and I are very proud to continue his vision of blazing new trails for the company on multiple platforms, from radio to digital to e-sports and beyond.

“In closing, as my dad and as my mentor, George always taught me that through humility, hard work, love and respect, anything is possible. He also taught me to never take no for an answer, especially the first time. Right? On behalf of our entire Beasley Media Group family, I gratefully accept and share this honour in memory of my dad, George Beasley.”


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