CBF proposal is driving a bulldozer through the sector: NEMBC

The Community Broadcasting Foundation last weekend released a paper on proposed changes to the organisation, but not all community broadcasting stakeholders are happy with the proposals.

Executive Officer of the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council, Russell Anderson, has responded to our recent article about the changes, warning of “dire consequences” if the proposal is implemented.

Speaking on behalf of ethnic broadcasters, he has told radioinfo:

“The changes proposed by the CBF could have dire consequences for the community broadcasting sector and especially for ethnic community broadcasting. The changes are very similar to the recent review which would see the CBF become a ‘sector shaper’. This new model proposed by the CBF will do away with a system that has withstood the test of time. The present grassroots involvement of the sector will go, just one example is the removal of the Ethnic Grants Advisory committee.

 “There’s no requirement to have ethnic representation and the new model will do away with the need for peak bodies input from the NEMBC, RPH and AICA. The NEMBC is a membership organisation that is truly representative of the ethnic community broadcasting sector and has been able to work effectively with the CBF but see’s little room for participation and involvement in the proposed model.   

“The model proposed by the CBF adds complexity rather than streamlines the process. The costs associated with the new model are questionable, as no costs are given in the proposal.

“The proposed model by the CBF makes such large sweeping changes that it’s not putting a ‘ruler’ over the organisation it’s driving a bulldozer through the sector.”

The NEMBC wants to know what other stakeholders think about the proposal. Contact details here.

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