Celebrating 30 years of broadcasting

Queenslander Scott Mayman just enjoyed “30 Years of Broadcasting” taking-in work in Australia and in the United States in both news and on-air presenting.
“From News to Music show presenting – I’ve pretty much done it all”.   
2SM, 2KY, 4BC, 4BH, 4KQ, ABC Radio, SEA FM, MIX FM, GOLD FM,  COAST ROCK FM  – and a string of other regional stations in Australia as well as broadcasters in the United States.
“It was an honour to pay the tab for an open bar this week  and enjoy the company of my colleagues,  past and present,  to celebrate my 30th anniversary.    

The day was a huge success but best of all,  it was a chance of industry colleagues to catch up.”

“.. an American Program Director once told me,  you feel important about the work you do in radio – but it’s the people you meet in radio that is most important”.      
He was right.  I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years and it’s always a highlight to stay in touch and catch up with them all.
For me,  it all started in community radio at 4EB in Brisbane.   To mark my 30th anniversary 4EB (now on 98.1FM) broadcast a 30 minute special  “30 Years in 30 Minutes” – a retrospect of the on-air work I’ve done in Australia and in the United States.   Channel Nine newsman Bruce Paige introduces the retrospect. 
“It was amazing to listen back to some of the interviews I’ve carried out over the years – from TV Stars to our own heroes,  each broadcast has special meaning to me”.
But best of all,  it’s the people I’ve worked with over the years that really makes a difference,  as well as the ability to introduce and mentor younger “Up and Coming” broadcasters.
These days,  I’m enjoying life backfilling at  Southern Cross Austereo,  also backfilling at RIVER 949 and teaching Journalism at Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast.  I’m still providing content for CBS Radio News in New York and anchoring Newscasts for Chicago based “RIVET” broadcasters in the trial of a world first News App.   (no, it’s not your normal App).

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