Challenge the way you do things: Sam Cavanagh #CRAconf

SCA’s Sam Cavanagh discussed his principles of creativity in a session called I wish I’d thought of that, the secrets to good ideas.
He said creativity doesn’t necessarily come naturally, it takes work.
His other principles include:
Steal good ideas and make them your own by adapting them to your show.
Questions are better than ideas – ask enough questions before working on the creative.
The freedom of a tight brief – “It’s helpful to try and define the problem specifically before working on the solution. There is no creativity without boundaries.”
No idea is ever perfect – “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready, it goes on because its 11pm. Perfectionism is the enemy of getting it done, a little bit of shit mess is ok.”
Pitching an idea is as important as having the idea. “You have to put effort into enrolling people into your idea.”
Innovation is often about what you’re prepared to let go of.  “Challenge the way you do things and find better ways.”

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