Changes to Bathurst Radio Services

The Australian Broadcasting Authority is proposing to make FM channel capacity available for new radio services in the Bathurst region of NSW.

The Authority plans to allow the ABC to use the 98.3 frequency for a future national service, as part of its ongoing commitment to reserve channel capacity for the future provision of the full range of ABC radio services to communities or regional transmission areas with 10 000 people or more.

In addition, the ABA is proposing to provide FM capacity for 2BS at Sofala, Burraga and Blayney on 90.1, 88.1 and 89.3 respectively. These proposals follow consideration of requests from Bathurst Broadcasters to resolve reception problems in the Bathurst region and have been granted under the Commercial Radio Blackspots Program.

The ABA is also proposing to increase the antenna height of the 2BXS FM service at Bathurst from 30 to 45 metres to reflect current operating conditions.

The proposals are contained in a draft variation to the Bathurst radio licence area plan, which has been released for public comment. Those wishing to comment can do so by 5pm on Friday 3 December. The variation and an explanatory paper are available from the ABA website (see link below) or by calling 1 800 810 241.