Changes proposed for Mildura/Sunraysia radio service

The ABA is proposing changes to the radio service planned to operate at Robinvale, Victoria on FM 89.1. The frequency, which was originally proposed for a community licence may become available for narrowcasting.

“Although the frequency is currently being used to provide an open narrowcasting service, in the licence area plan for radio in the Mildura/Sunraysia area the frequency is nominally assigned for community radio retransmission,” says the ABA.

The ABA is proposing to change the category of the service to open narrowcasting and is also proposing that the service operate from a nominal site in Mildura. The print handicapped group which planned to operate a station if it was granted, advised the ABA that they could not use that frequency in the immediate future.

“The ABA is of the view that this proposal promotes the objects of the Act, including the economic and efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum,” says ABA Chairman David Flint.

The ABA’s view is contained in its discussion paper and draft variation to the Mildura/Sunraysia radio licence area plan. Comments on the proposed change can be made until 6 September 2002. For details call the ABA on 1800 810 241.