Changing of the Guard in the Afternoon at FIVEaa

Jade Robran will depart as host of FIVEaa’s afternoon show on Friday 14 July.
After spending the last six months in afternoons, following Alan Hickey’s decision to take time away from FIVEaa for health reasons, Jade has made the decision not to remain on air in a full time capacity.
“I’m flattered that FIVEaa asked me to stay on with Alan but after careful consideration about my family life, I’ve decided to spend more time with my two young boys. One thing this journey has taught me is that life is short and our listeners have told me that time and time again…children grow up so quickly,” said Jade Robran.

Neil O’Reilly, NOVA Entertainment’s Adelaide General Manager said, “We’ve loved having Jade on air over the past six months. She has been a great addition to FIVEaa’s experienced and respected on air announcers and will continue to remain part of the FIVEaa family.”
Alan Hickey will return to FIVEaa on 24 July.

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