Chrissie Swan is featured in Game Changers from midnight tonight.

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Game Changers presenter Craig Bruce, says, “For performers like Chrissie Swan, it’s critical that she feels supported by her Content Director.”

Her first CD, Wade Kingsley, gave her the confidence and encouragement to be herself which meant she had an impact on the air from the moment she started because she found a way to be truly authentic.

Building rapport with your new co-hosts takes time and effort both on and off the air.

Chrissie talks about the investment in time and the emotional investment that everyone on the new Nova100 breakfast show, Chrissie, Sam & Browny, made right from day one. Which is paying off for them with a natural, warmth and genuine rapport already evident.

Chrissie has had her ups and downs, her stint on Mix and Vega didn’t end the way she wanted, but she has managed to pick herself up and back herself in despite the setbacks.

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