Chrissie Swan fulfils a dream

This morning Nova 100’s Chrissie Swan fulfilled a life-long dream of singing with LRB’s Glenn Shorrock.
Chrissie had told Sam and Browny many times that Renee Geyer and Glenn Shorrock are her top two and her dream, which she knew wasn’t going to happen, was to sing Reminiscing with Glenn Shorrock.

She had even bailed up an executive from Channel Seven at the Logies, asking them to bring back It Takes Two so she could have an opportunity to sing with Glenn who appeared on the show.

Chrissie was in tears as she told the boys that Glenn never does interviews.
Chrissie’s first words to him were, “you smell delicious.”  Chrissie told Glenn that they had met before, she stalked him at a gig at Capers many years ago and referred to him as Mr. Shorrock.


Then Chrissie fulfilled her dream but belting out an impressive duo with Glenn Shorrock and she can really hold a tune.

And it appears Chrissie was a hit.


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