Christian O’Connell hands over his show to community radio cancer sufferer

Gold 104.3’s Christian O’Connell today handed over the reins of his breakfast show to make a listener’s dream come true.

Last Monday when Christian O’Connell read an email sent to him from a 54-year-old Melbourne man with terminal bowel cancer, he decided to help him share his story and achieve a lifetime dream.

Peter Logan was afraid he would never realise his dream of being a commercial breakfast radio show host.

Peter, a community radio presenter, had to give up his radio dream years ago to for a full time ‘9-5’ job, but his passion for radio never left him, so there was no doubt in Christian’s mind what he must do.
On Monday Christian surprised Peter with an offer to take over his show.

The take-over happened Wednesday morning from 8am – 9am.  GOLD listeners were treated “The Peter Logan breakfast Show with Christian O’Connell.”
The station went all out and created ‘Peter Logan mugs and t-shirts to give Peter the full radio presenter experience.

Peter was also joined at the station by his wife Sharon and twin daughters Stephanie and Diana.

Group photo with Christian, and Jack Post

The whole hour was led by Peter, with his trusty sidekick Christian, with him choosing the songs, taking calls from listeners and sharing his very important message about early detection of bowel cancer.
Peter explained that had he taken the home test that is availbale for bowel cancer he may have caught it early but unfortunately, he “never got around to it” and by the time he was feeling unwell and saw a doctor the disease had progressed to stage 4.

Preferring not to call it a “bucket list”, Peter spoke about all the things he was hoping to do in the coming months to enjoy his life – including skydiving – which was promptly followed by a call from a listener who was happy to make that dream come true for Peter.  There were also some very emotional moments on air when Peter explains that he isn’t afraid of dying but of not living, and the things he may miss out on. 

  • Break 1 – Peter talks about his diagnosis, why he doesn’t like the term ‘Bucket List’ but shares some of the things that are on his living list.
  • Break 2 – Very fun ‘Pay Your Bills’ segment
  • Break 3 – After saying that skydiving is something he’d like to do, Peter receives a call from a listener who wants to help him tick that off his list. Be careful what you wish for!
  • Break 4 – Peter tells Christian why it’s important for him to keep working despite his diagnosis, Peter receive touching messages from listeners who have connected with is story.
  • Break 5 – Peter shares his message about the importance of getting tested for bowel cancer early, and that while he isn’t afraid to die is afraid of not living and is sad about the things he will miss.





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