Clear Channel moving into event program production

In a move that may eventually be replicated by ARN in Australia, US parent company Clear Channel is now moving into special event program production.

The company is expanding its capabilities in event marketing to include broadcast production. It plans to record concerts and events and turn them into special programs, which will give the event sponsors another opportunity for advertising.

The event content could be used to develop original television programming, DVDs, or CDs.

For example, beginning in February, the City of Las Vegas partnered with Clear Channel to produce a yearlong series of events commemorating the city’s 100th anniversary, the ‘Centennial Celebration.’ As part of this partnership, Clear Channel is producing programming on these events for future TV broadcast.

Clear Channel has formed a subsidiary unit called ‘Clear Channel Entertainment Properties’ inside its Clear Channel Entertainment division to produce and market the productions.

According to Clear Channel, more than 66 million people attend approximately 26,000 Clear Channel Entertainment events each year.

Clients include Coca-Cola, Tommy Hillfiger, Jagermeister, and TMobile.

Rather that pushing existing sponsorship packages, Clear Channel is willing to allow advertisers to dream big and potentially create their own events.

In August 2003, Clear Channel helped create the ‘Coors Mountain Jam,’ summer concert festival.