Clive Palmer hangs up on Jon Faine

When the questions about his Victorian candidates got too tough for Clive Palmer he bailed out of an interview with ABC774’s Jon Faine.

Clive Palmer is leading his Palmer United Party to the September 7 federal election, fielding candidates across the nation. Former boxer Barry Michael and former footballer Doug Hawkins are heading the party’s ticket for the Victorian Senate.

Jon Faine asked Palmer a series of questions about the personal history of the two candidates, including why they had “been to court in relation to allegations of violence against women.” After some further discussion, Palmer said: ”Look I can bring a charge against you for being a deadbeat.”

“Why don’t you talk about policy? Why don’t you talk about reducing the pensions? I’m not going to talk about things . . . which are not true. These were allegations in a court. The court dealt with them and found them to be no case to answer.”

In the end Palmer hung up on Faine after just a couple of minutes.