Vale Arch McKirdy

Former ABC broadcaster and voice coach Arch McKirdy has signed off for the last time.

The man who influenced generations of ABC broadcasters through his voice training lessons has passed away.

Arch McKirdy’s career spanned many areas of the ABC.

He was a program presenter on Melbourne’s 3LO and on network programs including Jazz Track and Relax with Me. He signed off from his last full time radio show, Relax with Me, in 1972, to take up a position in management.

Arch held management roles such as studio supervisor, Director of Radio Presentation and Managing Director of the FM networks.

Through his many roles at ABC Radio he maintained his commitment to training younger announcers how to use their voices. In his retirement he returned often to continue coaching each generation of new staff.

Carrying on the family tradition, triple j afternoon presenter Lewis McKirdy is Arch’s grandson.

ABC Radio National is planning to mount a tribute to Arch this morning and last night on ABC702 Roger Summerill spoke to Tony Delroy about Arch’s career at 2UW, the ABC and his many other career highlights. Listen to that discussion below.

In his 2005 Andrew Olle Media Lecture John Doyle remembered nights sitting by the radio listening to Arch McKirdy.

Listen to some highlights below of Arch McKirdy’s time on air.

Arch McKirdy montage from ABC Archives

Excerpt from Arch McKirdy’s final show