Commercial Radio Milestone

Pic: Wiki

Radio Station KDKA turns 103 today and is considered by historians as the world’s first commercial station.

Founded by Harry P David, KDKA went to air for the first time on November 2, 1920 with its first program broadcasting the Presidential Election results.

Harry P David (wiki)

The station describes itself as “A Pioneer Broadcasting Station of the World”

Its transmission is powerful. 50,000 watts with a News/talk format on 1020AM which is simulcast now on 100.1FM.

The reach is incredible. During daylight hours, KDKA can be heard throughout central and western Pennsylvania, and on the rim of Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, New York State and the southern Canadian province of Ontario. At night, the reach is even further.

Original studio (Wiki)

The history of the station is vast and too much to include in this story.

Today the station is part of the CBS News Radio Network and owned by Audacy, Inc.

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