Community Radio claims ratings success

“The latest Radio ratings indicate huge numbers of Sydneysiders are turning to community radio, according to Mark Robinson from Sydney’s largest community station 2SER FM.

The most recent survey “shows more than ten percent are no longer choosing commercial stations or the ABC. The figures show what we have suspected for some time,” says Robinson.

“Media commentators consistently underestimate the pulling power of non-profit stations. We have a large and loyal listenership, which appears to be growing… While the main players in Sydney, who fund the survey, refuse to reveal a full breakdown of the statistics, it is clear that more than 10 % of Sydney people are not listening to commercial radio or the ABC.” said Robertson.

“We believe 2SER and several other community stations represent a large chunk of the 10% that is unaccounted for.”

radioinfo: You make a lot of claims, but do the figures back them up? Robertson: What is clear is that the total listenership for commercials and the ABC is just 89.2%. So we are assuming that community radio accounts for at least some of the remaining 10.8%… That is a massive number of people simply missing in action. (that is a 2DAY FM size group) … It is quite possible that 2SER is out rating stations like 2SM, but we never get credit for it.

radioinfo: You claim the whole segment of “missing” listeners for community radio, but do you think there is also listening to other unlisted stations such as The Edge 96.1 in the west, Sea and 2GO FM in the north, C91.3 in Campbelltown and Power FM in the south? Robertson: We believe community radio represents a large chunk of the ten percent. Who knows – that may be 3 or 4 percent, or less. Clearly some of the ten percent may be other small commercial stations on the fringes of Sydney…

radioinfo: But you haven’t paid to be in the survey. Robertson: The survey parades as a credible guide to what Sydney is listening to, then leaves out a massive number of Sydneysiders… Can you imagine a survey of Australians voting intentions that added up to a total of 89.2%, and just left out the rest because they were viewed as “marginal”. I reckon any survey which claims to be credible should total 100%.