Community radio cracks 5.7 million weekly listeners

10% increase on last survey wave. 

Australian community radio listening has hit 5.7 million listeners per week, the highest national listenership on record and a 10% increase compared to the last survey wave (Jan 2018).
Jon Bisset, the CBAA’s Chief Executive Officer, said these results reflect the value that Australians place on community radio services and their role in sharing local news and information, as well as Australian and specialist music.
“These results reflect community radio’s role as a vital and growing part of the Australian media landscape. They are a testament to the incredible work of the 450+ stations across the country which support and broadcast local content and public interest journalism, provide a voice for diverse Australian communities and support our vibrant music and arts sectors.”
Community broadcasting is Australia’s largest independent media sector, and continues to play a vital role in providing a voice for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting sectors, including Indigenous Australians, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, religious communities, people with a print disability, music, arts and cultural communities, youth, seniors, LGBTIQA+ communities and educational services. 
The Community Radio National Listener Survey is conducted by McNair yellowSquares on behalf of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. It is a survey of the community radio listening habits of Australians though a hybrid telephone and online survey of a representative sample of 15,000 Australians over the age of 15, across all Australian states and territories.

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