Kyle Sandilands confirms TV return for new Channel 10 show

‘Trial by Kyle’.


KIIS1065’s Kyle Sandilands has confirmed on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning that he has signed off on hosting a new TV show, Trial by Kyle.

Sandilands will return to Channel 10 after being sacked as an Australian Idol judge almost 10 years ago, after a radio stunt went wrong. 

“There’s been rumours I was going to be doing a Judge Judy style show at Channel Ten,” he told listeners.

“I hold grudges normally. But I don’t because I’m returning to Channel Ten. The people who terribly fired me back in the day. If I hold grudges, why would I go back to a dog of a network that treated me so badly?”

“Because they’re paying you money,” said Jackie.

Correct,” Kyle confirmed. 

The new show will feature an arbitration format similar to that of Judge Judy, where “People will come in with their stupid arguments, neighbourhood disputes.

“I haven’t decided whether it’s just me, or a panel of jurors. It depends how much money there is to go around. If there’s not enough money to pay a juror, then I’ll be keeping that for myself. 

“If the Comancheros were going up against the Finks, I’d ring my mate John Ibrahim. I’d be calling in experts left right and centre.”


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