Community radio service for Bicheno, Tasmania

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has decided to make FM channel capacity available to 7BOD FM, to provide community radio to the Bicheno region of Tasmania.

Acting ACMA Chair, Lyn Maddock says: “The decision to make a channel available for community radio will add a local voice to broadcasting in Bicheno.”

ACMA has made channel capacity available for the community radio service 7BOD Break O Day at Bicheno on frequency 98.5 MHz at a maximum ERP of 200 watts and sees a variation to the Scottsdale radio licence area plan.

Bicheno is located on the eastern seaboard of Tasmania and is a remote locality surrounded by rugged terrain located approximately 36 km to the south south-east of St Marys in the Break O Day RA1 licence area.

The township of Bicheno has limited radio services, with only two national services, 7ABCRR and 7ABCRN and no localised radio broadcasting services. The national services are low powered and provide coverage to the township of Bicheno only.