Consumers snapping up digital radios under $100

Entry level digital radio consumers are snapping up portable models under $100 to get instant access to Australia’s new digital stations and to hear their favourite AM stations more clearly. Pure’s $99 ONE Mini digital radio is currently the company’s best selling model, according to Graeme Redman.


Redman, Pure Australia’s Managing Director, says over 30,000 of the portable rechargeable, single speaker radios have been sold so far in the Australian market.


While Pure’s other more expensive models are also selling well, Redman says the wide availability of the cheaper model in mainstream discount stores and supermarkets allows consumers to dip their toe into the water and try out what digital radio has to offer without spending too much money.


Pure’s ONE series also includes models priced up to $199, with more sophisticated display and speaker options.


Meanwhile, Pure has partnered with Pioneer in the Australian market to handle distribution and merchandising, which now puts two people on the road full time promoting digital radio displays in stores and training sales people on what digital radio has to offer consumers. Redman says this has made a difference to sales.


In other digital radio receiver stories this month, Saengen has released a new sturdy design model for outdoor use and Grundig has won a design award for one of their digital radio models.


Some of the Pure ‘One’ Series of digital radios.


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