Content creators must profit from the content they create: Joan Warner

Earlier this week we published Michael Miller’s comments on Google’s new strategy to deliver radio news on smart speakers.

He wasn’t happy with the idea, saying that Google wanted to profit from radio news companies’ journalism without paying for it.

Commercial Radio Australia has been working with smart speaker providers on a range of projects for radio stations to take advantage of the growth of smart speakers, but is also very clear that radio content creators should be properly compensated for their work.

CRA’s Joan Warner has told radioinfo:

“Voice technology presents an opportunity for radio to innovate.  We have and will continue to collaborate with tech giants to make it easier for our listeners to access local radio content on multiple devices, where there is a benefit for the industry to do so.

“Global digital platforms don’t produce their own content, but they are fierce competitors with Australian media for advertising revenue.

“We strongly believe that content creators must profit from the content they create, so that revenue can go back into creating more live and local content.”

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