Cool new tech at RadioDays Asia #RDA2022

Podnews proprietor James Cridland surveyed some of the new technology being used by radio broadcasters and podcasters in a session today at RadioDays Asia.


Spooler is a new CMS for publishing audio that gives creators flexibility to edit and re-edit podcasts quickly and easily, making timely updates feasible in a way never possible before. Spoken, text based, instantly updatable content is the key to Spooler’s offering.

The technology is built on the creation of individual digital story modules that can be updated and effortlessly packaged together in a way that is seamless and adaptive, resulting in a finished product that sounds as polished as highly-produced podcasts which can take many hours to create and edit.


Adori allow visuals to be added easily to audio podcasts, for publication on Youtube. “Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet, it has lots of audio, but needs pictures to make it even better.”

Cridland expects that YouTube will increase its emphasis on podcasts in the near future. About half of the content on Youtube is audio content. He urged broadcasters to think about adding pictures and text that can be displayed if people are ‘watching’ the audio on YouTube, and gave the example of True Crime Reporter’s podcast as an example of how this can be done.

Adori intends to be usable for TikTok and other platforms in time.


Squadcast is a Zoom-like tool that records at the person’s own end, ensuring that the quality of each speaker is consistently high, rather than the variable quality that is common in Zoom. Once the recording is finished, audio at the guest’s end will automatically be uploaded to teh broadcaster’s studio computer.


Veritone Voice

Artificial voice company Veritone Voice uses familiar voices from the station team to deliver other content when they are not there. For example the synthetically generated voices of the breakfast team are used out of hours to deliver overnight weather, and then the voice reminds people that the team will be on air soon, at 6am.

Other technologies mentioned include:

The syndicated music countdown show 10 most wanted uses a system developed by the host Gav Richards that allows localisation content to be easily added into the syndicated show.

RCS cloud based radio stations allow broadcasters to instantly expand their radio station offerings, such as a range of Kids stations offered by one broadcaster to serve its young audience.





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