For Ralph Van Dijk, it’s all about love: #RDA22

Founder and Executive Creative Director, Eardrum, Ralph Van Dijk (pictured below), has addressed Radiodays Asia, spruiking about Love, the emotion that trumps all others, with the most successful brands those that are loved and shared at warp speed.

He says consumers want to be engaged, entertained, and inspired, and the fastest way to a consumer’s heart is through their ears, but for too long “radio has been associated with one-night flings. It’s been the medium that shows up for one night, shouts a few things at you, and the advertising disappears after one night.”

 These ads have often tried too hard and are “…the audio equivalent of the cheap suit and too much cologne.”

 Ralph says audios lack of pictures gives it a massive advantage and “…advertisers on audio get to be with listeners all day, every day, at home, while they are on the move, in the most intimate and one on one environment.

“We need to help our advertisers create long term campaigns that form long term relationships with our listeners. And if we do, those advertisers will come back time after time to radio.”

 He says barking lists of prices and talking at listeners doesn’t work, “…because 75% of consumers say they make their decisions based on emotions so if you can find a way to connect with your audience emotionally you are more than halfway to converting them into loyal customers.”


Main photo: Audience sharing the love at RadioDays Asia.

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