The Couch perhaps not Wippa’s best moment

Wippa’s new tv show aired today. The audience laughed and applauded enthusiastically, but what was the verdict?

Nova’s own website labelled Wippa’s debut into the tv talk show world as ‘a massive fail.’

Wippa became obsessed with the idea of a tv show since doing a promo for TAFE WSI. He was joined on his first show today by Fitzy, Josh Groban & Olly Murs.

It premiered, in front of a studio audience, on this evening.

In the first segment he made a grand entrance by kicking through a banner of his own face… Unfortunately he ripped his trousers in the process.

While a long term tv career may not be on the cards for Wippa, he and the audience had a lot of fun.

 Some of the other segments of the show are below.



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