Could Singo be grooming Kyle for 2GB?

Suggesting that now he’s outside his under 40’s target demographic, it may be time to move on, Kyle says that Singo asked him, “How long you gonna be over there (at 2DayFM) f***ing playing those pop songs for?”

Kyle shot back, “Long enough, I do not want to go and talk about the water pressure in the western suburbs anytime in the next 10 years.”

In an exclusive interview to be posted on radioinfo later this week Kyle Sandilands tells us of his friendship with 2GB owner John Singleton.

Perhaps there’s method in Singo’s madness. There usually is. He has been a long time critic of ad agency media buyers who are mostly under in Kyle’s demo and, in Singo’s opinion, tend to favour the stations that they listen to themselves.

He told Paul McIntyre in the AFR, “You get the least talented people who choose the media and their average age is 20. They think everyone listens to Triple J, everyone tweets and everyone blogs and they’ve never heard of news radio and don’t listen to AM radio. AM is 60 per cent of the total [radio] market.”

Not that 2GB is bereft of talent and needs Kyle and Jackie O to lift ratings, but given that Singleton himself admits that the advertising market is the worst since 1991, it may get the attention of those recalcitrant media buyers. 

“When you win 66 surveys in a row and you’ve got 75 per cent more audience share than 2Day FM, you have to ask what the f–k is going on,” Singo told the AFR.

Although Kyle going to 2GB is unlikely to happen anytime soon, in the longer term it could make a lot of sense.