Uuummmm … no women in radio with brains? Really?

It’s been an exciting 24 hours since the launch of the new site. Lots of comment – not all positive. And not all seen.

Overall, everybody loves the new look of the site. We asked you to report bugs and you found plenty. Most issues are minor. And all will be fixed soon.

Many of you were frustrated, though, because the bugs in our What You Think system made it difficult to provide feedback. We’ll have that problem rectified shortly too. Thank you for your patience.

Still, that didn’t stop many of you making your opinion heard in other ways, either by email or twitter or through our new facebook page which is starting to gather “likes.”

Also everybody thought that Ask The BrainsTrust is a great idea – but

The new look website looks great, however hope you don’t receive too much criticism for the lack of female representation on your BrainsTrust panel.  Also, given the Sydney and Melbourne markets are relatively similar in size, Melbourne opinion maybe underrepresented.” 

And this…

“new look is grouse but what’s with the all bloke Brains Trust? What goes on?”

And then Kate Dundas, ABC Director Radio emailed…

“Uuummmm………..no women in radio with brains?  Really?”

Fair point. A quick look at the panel confirms that we are, indeed, light on for women. We also have no representative of either sex from Brisbane or Adelaide. And not near enough from the regions. 

So, who would you nominate for The BrainsTrust Panel?

Send your choices, in confidence, to [email protected] with a few names and a few words on why. We’ll table all the names and try to fill the gaps.

Ultimately, it’s your BrainsTrust, you’re entitled to have the best people on it.