CRA and PPCA back to Tribunal

The ongoing and increasingly bitter dispute between the PPCA and the Radio industry is back in the Copyright Tribunal today.

As reported previously on radioinfo, the dispute has led to regional operators pulling the internet streaming of their local programming.

Each day more and more examples are coming to light of the impact this is having on listeners around Australia. People in rural and remote areas are complaining that they are disadvantaged, as are those who live and work in buildings where normal radio reception is not possible. 

In December, the Tribunal set interim royalty fees, The Financial Review has reported that today’s hearing comes as a result of the PPCA requesting feedback on those fees.
Regional MP’s have made representations on behalf of their constituents and radio station management to the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull. His response, as outlined in the comprehensive radioinfo story, has not satisfied CRA, whose CEO, Joan Warner, says that the Minster has either been misled, or has not had the chance to review all the details of this complicated issue.

In an interview with Radio National, Grant Broadcaster’s Executive Director, Grant Cameon told Bush Telegraph that “It shouldn’t matter how a listener chooses to listen to a radio station. Whether they’re listening on FM or AM – or on an FM translator in an outlying town – or with the same service, the same content delivered over the internet”.

Details of the results of today’s Tribunal hearing will be covered by radioinfo as soon they are available.

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