CRA Chief notches up Three Years

Commercial Radio Australia CEO, Joan Warner, is celebrating three years at the top of the country’s peak radio body.

She took over as Chief Executive Officer on 23 July 2001 from David Bacon (who succeeded Tony King).

Warner has told radioinfo there have been many highlights, but a couple do spring to mind:

“I think the development and success of the $40 million brand campaign to promote radio as an effective advertising medium is one. Revamping and raising the profile of the awards and annual conference and introducing the Hall of Fame is another.

“We have had some substantial lobbying wins in Canberra and, at state level, as well.

“Radio must keep aggressively seeking its share of the advertising dollar in this country. The media market is increasingly competitive, so this is a crucial issue for the industry.

“On a more personal level, I really like the people working in the radio industry – they are dynamic and committed. I also have a great and supportive Board and CEOs and owners’ group who are able – while being intensely competitive in the marketplace – to also be strategic and take an industry view on key issues.”

Warner says there are no low points which come to mind: “The time has certainly flown. I plan to stay for as long as there are challenges in the job. It would be good to be here for the development of sensible policy for the introduction of digital radio in Australia.”

“The Federal Government must give the industry a clear policy indication and assurance for the future of the industry in the digital age – and, it must do it soon. After that, it is up to the industry to convince Australians about the many benefits of digital radio.”

In terms of her ‘previous life’, Warner says she worked in senior management in the private sector in companies such as George Weston Foods and Phillips Fox Lawyers. Before that, she was in Government – at State and Federal level – in various policy and management roles as a bureaucrat and then in the political area of Government.