#CRAConf: App, app and away!

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own app for your station, where do you start.  All In Media specialises in creating apps for radio, and in this session Co-founder of AIM Jason Malaure discusses the process for developing your own app and how best to extend your on-air content to mobile.

When looking at creating a sucessful app, apply the same rules to apps as you would do to your own radio station:

–  Maximise reach
–  Maximise hours
–  Maximise revenue

Features you add to the app should tick at least one of thos three boxes

There are five steps your should consider when building a successful app

Step One:  The Idea

Why are you building an app?
What functionality are you going to build into your app?
How are you going to make money out of your app?
Do something that’s relevant to your audience

Step Two: Building your app

What platforms to build for? (Follow the numbers.  Androis, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle)
Understand and own the process
Design for the platform
Testing and Submission
App Extensions (Watch, CarPlay, Ford Sync)

Step Three: Promote It

Use traditional media
Social Networking Sites

Step Four: Monitoring

Monitor the feeds
Monitor the reviews

Step Five: Updating the app

Updates drive downloads and usage of the app

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