Craig Hutchison on 1116 SEN’s results for survey 4

‘We would have preferred to see another jump in today’s results’.

Pacific Star Network CEO and Managing Director Craig Hutchison said that while 1116 SEN’s results in survey 4 were encouraging in some demographics, it was a reminder there is still a lot of work to do.

SEN presenter Jack Heverin sat down with Hutchison to unpack the station’s results (video below):

“To be candid, it’s not the survey we wanted. We’re restless to be a great business. We’d like to be accelerating a little quicker than we are.

“After three surveys of growth, we would have preferred to see another jump in today’s results. We feel we’re on the right journey in our pursuit of the 25 – 54 male sports fan in Melbourne.

“With some positive digital and audience markers, we look forward to continued growth as we come into the all-important AFL finals crunch time and the trade season, but our work is never done”, Hutchison said.

The sports broadcaster saw a small increase for Breakfast with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson up to 7%+ from 6.7%, and an increase in cumulative audience, up 22,000 listeners to 134,000+ (All day, M-S, Males 25-54).

“Certainly some positives in the 1116 SEN business, some areas we’d like to improve and in the Crocmedia business some good wins,” said Hutchison. 


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