Craig Reucassel’s listeners earn $100k windfall in class assignment on Tolls

Listeners to ABC Radio Sydney‘s new breakfast show were challenged to complete a group assignment this week that resulted in them netting over $100,000 in toll cashbacks.

That is only the amount reported by listeners, the full total is believed to be much higher. At one stage during the week the NSW Government’s toll rebate website crashed under the weight of claims, but was quickly restored so that listeners could continue to get their information processed.

New breakfast host Craig Reucassel brought the idea of a group assignment to the show when he started in mid January, with this topic getting the most response so far. Listeners are encouraged to complete a task and report their success as the challenge continues through each week.

As this week progressed, listeners were surprised that they could get a rebate and the process was easier than they expected. Successful toll cashback claims ranged from a few dollars to over a thousand dollars for some listeners.

“I got over a thousand dollars… thank you for making me do it,” one caller told Reucassel.

“Frances, did you do your group assignment?  “Yes I did, I got $1300…

“Well done, we’ll give you a distinction… and they said you get nothing for listening to the ABC,” joked Reucassel.

With more tolls than ever in Sydney, listeners were encouraged to make the effort to claim after hearing others just like them achieving success.

Reucasssel’s breakfast show is heard on ABC Radio Sydney, AM702, from 5.30am weekdays.

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