Create your own radio ad with new industry app

Commercial Radio Australia has teamed up with international radio and audio specialist agency Eardrum Australia and Brussels-based Cobra Radio Brewery to create the Sirens EarApp, an iPhone and iPad app that allows users to create their own demo radio advertisements.
Created by Cobra founders Christophe Cossement and Raf Debraekeleer, the Sirens EarApp has been optimised for iPhone 5 and allows users to quickly and simply make a demonstration radio ad to bring a concept or script to life. It combines smart phone recorder functions with inbuilt editor and muisc bed functions.   
Users can choose the length of their ad, record the script, add sound effects and musical accompaniments and within minutes create a demo radio ad.
The Sirens EarApp was previewed to media, advertising agencies and radio stations at the 2014 Siren Awards in Melbourne and is now available to download free on iTunes. 
Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner has praised the ingenuity and originality of the app.  “The Siren Awards are about promoting the best in radio advertising and the Siren EarApp is another industry initiative to encourage the use of radio advertising and simplify the process from idea to inception.”
Eardrum Australia founder and director Ralph Van Dijk says the Sirens EarApp is a way for agencies to capture radio advertisements in their most raw and unfiltered form.
“Radio ads are in their most fragile state when in script form. Lines are added, gags are missed and great ideas thrown out,” says Van Dijk.
“This app lets you make a quick and dirty demo so you can evaluate and present your idea in the form it’ll ultimately take. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun after a few beers!”
In addition to the Sirens EarApp, Commercial Radio Australia will also be distributing a Sirens e-newsletter called The EarBlog each month.  The EarBlog highlights some of the best audio ads from around the world is available to agencies, radios stations and advertisers.  Take a look at the most recent version here
To subscribe to The EarBlog, register at the Sirens website here.
The Siren EarApp is available for free via the Apple iTunes App store here.


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