Creative Advisory Committee 1st Meeting

The Creative Advisory Committee, set up to advise the radio industry on advertising issues and devise strategies to increase ad market share, will hold its inaugural meeting today in Sydney.

The committee stems directly from a radio think tank, held in May, involving key creative directors of leading national advertising agencies and commercial radio.

Commercial Radio Australia CEO, Joan Warner, says the group will meet regularly and comprise many of the directors from the think tank:

“The committee will also consider other ideas to help promote radio advertising.

“Ideas to be considered by the committee might include broadening education and training programs, already on offer for radio copywriters, and setting up a library of creative excellence, including some of the best radio ads from around the world.”

Warner says creating the committee is part of an overall push by commercial radio to promote the industry’s effectiveness as an advertising medium, spearheaded by the renewal of a $20 million national campaign for another 12 months.

“Despite a positive response to the brand campaign, the industry recognises there is more to do and one challenge identified was improving the creative component of radio advertising.

“The think tank identified education and training, as well as peer recognition, as important elements to improving the creative component of radio advertising and providing the medium the recognition it deserves.

“Overall, the day was very worthwhile and provided valuable feedback for the industry about ways to further improve radio advertising and gain a larger share of the overall market.”

Creative directors, who attended the think tank, include Ralph van Dijk (Eardrum); Peter Withy (KWP! Adelaide); Mike Edmonds from Perth; Craig Moore (Campaign Palace Sydney); John Mescall (Smart Melbourne); Steve Yolland (Magnum Opus); Jonathon Kneebone (Glue Society Sydney), Ben Lilley (SMART); Matt McGarth (Young & Rubican); Mark Dove (George Patterson Partners, Sydney) and Simon Collins (JWT Sydney).

“Better radio ads are good for consumers, good for marketers, and contribute to a better radio environment overall. The new advisory committee is a very positive step in this direction. If the best and brightest minds of Australian advertising bring the searchlight of their intellects to bear on this problem, then the future will be bright indeed. Certainly, the seminar in Sydney was an excellent start.”