Creative Director Argues for Radio

Commercial Radio Australia’s Creative Director addresses an Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) conference today, putting a strong case for radio as the best medium to communicate more effectively.

Ralph van Dijk took part in yesterday’s inaugural meeting of commercial radio’s Creative Advisory Committee, set up to advise the industry on advertising issues and devise strategies to increase ad market share. He also took part in May’s radio think tank, which involved key creative directors of leading national advertising agencies and commercial radio.

Also of recent significance, van Dijk – of advertising agency, Eardrum – is the mastermind of new commercials, as part of the CRA’s next $20 million campaign to promote radio as an attractive medium to advertisers.

At the AMI’s 7th Annual National Government Marketing Conference today at The Marriott in Surfers Paradise, he will speak on ‘Reaching the ears of the nation’. In the lunch presentation, van Dijk will outline that radio embraces unique relationships, which can be harnessed with an audience for better communication.

He will showcase radio’s appropriateness as a medium for cutting through with government communication, and will share a number of successful case studies from around the world.

Other keynote speakers include Professor Meredith Edwards, Director, National Institute for Governance, Canberra University; Gerard Hastings, Director, Centre for Social Marketing, University of Strathclyde in the UK; Sohail Inayatullah, Political Scientist, University of Taipei, QUT & USC; and Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director, St James Ethics Centre.

Later today, Ralph van Dijk will travel to Brisbane for the last of Commercial Radio Australia’s cocktail parties to brief the radio industry on the next $20 million advertising promotional campaign.

He will preview and show the new commercials at the 5.30pm briefing, set down for Vino’s Bar and Restaurant (Upper Level, Eagle Street Pier, 1 Eagle Street).
CRA chief, Joan Warner, will also talk about the campaign.

Briefings have already been held in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.