DAB+ turns 10 in Australia

DAB+ was launched 10 years ago promising a unification of the industry, clearer sound, replays and more information.
Commercial radio and their counterparts came together for breakfast show OBs in the 5 metro markets launching DAB+ in an event billed as “Radio United”.

40 different radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide put rivalries aside and broadcast simultaneously to a combined breakfast audience estimated at more than 8.5 million people and hundreds of sets were given away on the day with DAB+ radios costing around $140 in 2009.

Demand and improvements in design has brought the cost of sets way down since then, though there are still some expensive top end units on the market.
Darwin (May), Hobart (July) and Canberra (July) have only just joined the DAB+ revolution.
According to CRA, in June 2012 digital radios sales in Australia were 1.5 million sets sold and 12.3% of all radio listening was via DAB+ in the 5 capital cities and in the latest WorldDAB report just over 49% of people in Australia’s 5 major metro markets now have access to listen to DAB+ at home or in their car, with 31% listening.




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