Dan and Maz buy Sydney monorail

Hit 104.1 2Day FM’s Dan & Maz bought Sydney’s monorail over breakfast this morning after noticing it for sale on a gumtree advertisement.

Dan Debuf first noticed the advertisement on Gumtree after seeing a few tweets and before too long Dan & Maz had tracked down Harry, the owner of Sydney’s monorail and bargained him down from $3,000 to a price of $1,500.

Offers have been rolling in as the pair asked Sydney if they can store the carriage at someone’s home.

Haley Bracken, wife of former Australian Test cricketer Nathan Bracken even offered her grandparents 35 acre property to turn the monorail into a B&B.

“We have confirmed that this is being paid for on General Manager [Jeremy Simpson]’s credit card.” said Dan.


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