Dan and Maz: “We are in a business now that isn’t just a radio show”

#SNS, which is Twitter language for social networking sites, are increasingly working hand in hand with Radio. In fact Radio is the highest performing industry in Australia on Facebook (Online Circle Report).

According to Caroline Grazé Head Of Internet & New Business at Radio ENERGY / NRJ, when people are in touch with your brand online, turning on your radio station is just one click away.
Southern Cross Austereo
’s Dan and Maz from hit1041 2DAY FM agree.

“Social media is an extension of what we are doing on-air. We are in a business now that isn’t just a radio show – some people will tune into us because they have seen an Instagram post or one of our tweets has gone viral and they want to be involved”, says Maz.

The social media platform Twitter allows Dan & Maz to not only connect with their fans but also create a connection with the guests they have on their show. They secured an interview with One Direction’s Niall Horan and after their chat Niall re-Tweeted one of their Tweets, which then went viral.
(Just in case you’re not up with social media jargon going viral (NTS #getwithit) means it became very popular by circulating quickly from person to person on-line).

The team has also been using Vine to run competitions such as dance offs between Dan & Maz , which enables direct feedback from listeners providing immediate input to the show.
They also use Snapchat and Periscope, the latest app that allows you to broadcast live video to the world, instantly notifying your followers who can join and comment in real time.  Dan and Maz used the app during Sydney’s recent storms.

 “If you’re using it, we’re using it and then some” says Dan, “In fact if someone wants to send us a fax we’ll take it.”
While these days he talks to millions around the country through his Breakfast and Drive Show with Maz, Dan wasn’t always so confident.
“When I was growing up and listening to my favourite radio shows I was always too scared to call up but I would tweet because the barrier is so much lower and therefore people are more inclined to participate.”
“Through social media, stations can reach out to everyone”, says Maz.
However, while social media platforms allow personalities direct access to their audience there can be a downside to the audience having direct access to personalities, with trolling or on-line harassment a major issue.
The Executive Producer of the Dan and Maz Show, Leon Sjogren says, they get the occasional negative tweet, “but Dan and Maz fans tweet back on their behalf and say hey, back off!”
“It’s like having our own band of soldiers”.
But with their social media posts, updates, pics and tweets engaging fans across the country, it appears they are neglecting their personal accounts.
“I don’t think anyone wants to see a photo of my board game and cheese nights,” says Dan.
And Maz? “All my posts are inspirational quotes, which Dan finds pretty offensive”.
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