Dan & Maz: the on air wedding with Snez and Sam

The Bachelor Australia 2015 was epic and Sam finally chose his true love Snezana!

2Day’s Breakfast show with Dan & Maz decided there was no better way to celebrate the occasion then hosting an impromptu (and probably unofficial) on-air wedding?

….Maz Compton played marriage celebrant.

Before the magical event took place Dan & Maz asked the loved-up couple how they managed to keep their relationship a secret for four months, with the Sam and Snezana saying it felt like they were in a ‘witness protection program’. The hot TV couple also revealed they only watched parts of the finale last night, and decided on taking a ‘strategic dinner break’ in order to skip over Sam’s date with runner-up Bachelorette Lana.

Looking forward to getting ‘out of the bubble’ the love birds telling Dan & Maz they are focusing on really getting to know one another and deciding on where to live, joking around that this could be somewhere in the middle… maybe Ayers Rock.


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