Dave Charles expands Media Results and Australia is on the expanded radar

Media Results’ CEO Dave Charles has announced that John Perras has become a new partner in the media content development, marketing and regulatory affairs consultancy firm.

Perras has been selling and managing in the Broadcasting Industry for over 30 years and worn hats working with Rogers, Rawlco and others.

CEO Dave Charles says, “I’m pleased to announce a new Partnership with John Perras and ‘Sales Fundamentals Inc.’ John joins Media RESULTS Inc. as our new Partner at a very important time.  His focus will be new revenue generation concepts and sales training for our radio clients. Proven sales training with follow-up coaching that delivers measurable results.

“For the past two years, John was the corporate sales trainer for Stingray Radio one of Canada’s leading media companies. John will also work on new marketing initiatives and client promotions that will help our radio clients create additional revenue opportunities.”

Perras, says, “’I’ve known Dave Charles for many years and have watched him help build great radio brands across Canada and Australia.  His success in co-creating the Q107 Rock brand is legendary. 

“Dave’s achieved international media success in over 42 countries. He’s consulted radio throughout most of Australia, New Zealand and Australasia by using his considerable knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to working with Dave and the MRI team as we create opportunities for new business success for our radio and media clients. Establishing radio’s revenue success is priority one.”

Dave Charles says, “Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia are on our radar with our new sales concepts from Stan Davidson’s Magnet Mobile that’ll generate additional ad revenues to the bottom line. 

“Embedded call-to-action tags in spots with a data base back end is a new way of tracking P1 consumers and letting advertisers know what stations ads are performing for them in ranked order.  We’re very excited that this kind of ‘call to action’ selling has not been used properly in the Radio business so far.  

“We intend to change that approach now.”