David Anderson says staff cuts at the ABC are inevitable

The ABC’s newly appointed Managing Director, David Anderson, has told Radio National that the broadcaster has a couple of priorities that need to be addressed immediately.

One adapting to two budget scenarios another is getting the permanent leadership team in place as quickly as possible by confirming a number of acting or temporary appointments.
When asked about the possibility of staff cuts after the election, he said, “If the coalition is returned then we have an $84 million budget reduction over the next 3 years and having been through a number of budget reductions to this point I don’t see how we can avoid staff cuts.”
David Anderson said that even if Labor is elected and the indexation is returned that it “…is not enough to cover what are our rising costs of being the ABC, across the board, so we are always looking for efficiency…but I don’t think that efficiency will get us to $84 million.”
He said that the ABC needs “…to represent contemporary Australia in what we look like, what we sound like (and) perspective of views.
“I do not believe that the ABC is biased. I think there is no evidence to suggest that. We do have the odd error with the odd human mistake, but I don’t think that we have a systemic issue there.”

In a letter to the Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, last year he proposed a change to the funding cycle of the ABC from 3 years to 5 years to break away from the 3-year political cycle.


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