The Day the Game Changed for Craig Bruce

 It’s been five years since Craig Bruce left his highly paid job at SCA without a plan B.

“Who the hell does that?”, asks Peter Saxon
“Let me give you the red-hot tip, Pete,” says Craig. “No one does it. No one just leaves a job like the one I was in.” 
Since then, of course, Craig Bruce has re-invented himself as presenter of the incredibly successful Radio Game Changers podcast with over 130 episodes and millions of downloads worldwide.
In a new and timely series called I’m out. Now what? Craig talks with radio people who are no longer in radio.
Arguably the highest profile within that qroup is Craig Bruce himself. But since he won’t interview himself, the former head of content for SCA agreed to an exclusive chat with radioinfo’s Peter Saxon. “Craig was exceedingly candid in his response to every question I put to him,” says Saxon. “There’s a lot to learn from him about getting involved in a relationship with radio and surviving a divorce from it.”
Read the whole interview and listen to some of the Raw Edits too – here on radioinfo next Monday.
In the meantime, here’s a clip from the Raw Edits. Remember to come back Monday for the rest.



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