Deadline for Public Comment on Commercial Radio Codes of Practice

Today is the closing date for public submissions to the review of the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice.

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) are seeking public comments on the draft revised Codes, which regulate commercial radio content in accordance with community standards, help listeners make informed choices about their listening and provide procedures for the handling of their complaints.

CRA CEO, Joan Warner, says commercial radio broadcasters take their responsibilities under the Codes very seriously and the public review process plays an important part in ensuring programming reflected community standards and expectations.

“The industry is satisfied the Codes are working effectively, given listener feedback to stations and ABA research showing Australians are highly satisfied with the choice of commercial radio services available to them and are less concerned about program content than six years ago. In addition, ABA breach findings and the number of complaints about the content of programs have dropped progressively since the Codes were last registered.”

The Codes were last reviewed in October 1999. In December 2001, Code of Practice 8, which relates to broadcasts of emergency information, was registered by the ABA.