Debbie says bye to Life FM

After stepping down as CEO at Life FM recently Debbie Bye has resigned from the station altogether.
radioinfo caught up with Debbie after her final day last week.
What made you step down from your CEO role?
“Many reasons…for 12 years I have held 5 positions at the station as we have not been able to attract volunteers and have not had enough to pay salaries. I have worked full time for 12 years and for the past 9 years was paid only part time at varying rates over the years.  With no funds and no support the position , while fulfilling, was very stressful and it has taken a toll on my health and my finances.”
You’ve held several positions at the top – which have you enjoyed more?
“My role at Life FM has been exciting as I started the station from scratch with some marvelous people helping. While I really loved working at the ABC in many varied roles, I have learned MUCH about people and broadcasting and new media through the challenges at Life FM.”
When you stepped down as CEO you mentioned it was time for a rest – why didn’t you resign altogether at that time?
“After stepping down as CEO in July, I tried doing less duties but the demands of the position and my work ethic (gotta get the jobs done) meant that nothing had really changed except I was now getting less pay. I resigned from the station effective 4 Sept 2015. “
What have been some of greatest achievements at the station?
“Getting on air! Since starting from scratch with a public meeting in 1999 there have been many milestones. The lessons learned have sometimes been painful – but I think the greatest achievement is staying true to the vision to bring local Christian radio to Gippsland and being able to leave it in the hands of a dedicated team to keep it on air. I leave with the knowledge that we have been faithful, and despite having very little in the bank we have always paid our bills and never been “in the red”. 
What is your fondest memory?

“Many fond memories – going live for the first time – getting our licence after just 8 months in test mode – finally getting a studio to Transmitter link in after 4 years of driving a 3 hour round trip to change the music!”
How has the station changed since you have been there?

“It exists! We started with nothing and built what I hope will continue to be a beacon of light and hope for Gippslanders.”

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