Decision on Radio Adelaide’s future expected Friday

Radio Adelaide broadcasters, staff and volunteers will hear tomorrow about the station’s future.

The University of Adelaide will announce its decision about transferring the community broadcast license to another organisation, after spending a month considering submissions from various organisations that would like to take over the station.

Four organisations are believed to have made submissions to take over the licence.

Last month, Bruce Lines, the Chief Operations Officer at University of Adelaide told radioinfo:

“There is a limit to what I can say. I must respect the various parties’ privacy. I can’t divulge who the parties are.
“I can say we were quite pleased with the number of parties who stepped forward. They come with various backgrounds and interests. They are all open to pursuing ongoing discussions. Some have a track record with community radio… We will then go into negotiation with the parties by the end of January, so we can make an announcement then”.
As previously reported, on November 30 the university met with Radio Adelaide and announced a surprise decision to seek public feedback on the five options in the station review. When the University’s decision was announced a campaign to #SaveRadAd was launched, which gave feedback on the options in the review, most supporting the second option for a gradual transition to a new entity to hold the licence over 3-5 years. 

On December 14 the university announced a surprise decision to off-load the station much more quickly than anticipated (only a few weeks), and in response over 6000 people signed a petition to pressure the university to pull back from that position. Neither campaign appears to have been successful in changing the university’s approach.

The Save Radio Adelaide campaign has told radioinfo:

While we are excited about the possibilities for a new and independent station, we want to ensure the community has a voice and genuine involvement in its future.  Volunteers and staff have made consistent attempts to be part of the process, to no avail. The University promises extensive consultation now the decision has been made.

Naturally, Radio Adelaide broadcasters will need time to consider the implications for the station community when the University’s decision is revealed to us.  We ask our supporters, the media and commentators to consider the University’s announcement in the light of this and we will provide a considered response as soon as possible.

Radio Adelaide broadcasters have been living with an uncertain future since the University gave notice in November 2014 that it was selling the station’s home at 228 North Terrace…

Despite this overwhelming message from the public, the University chose an option not presented: to negotiate with existing organisations to take over the licence.

Meanwhile, time is running out to relocate Radio Adelaide before the demolition of 228 North Terrace begins on July 1.


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