Dee Dee Dunleavy will host 3AW Afternoons

Melbourne identity Dee Dee Dunleavy will host 3AW Afternoons in 2020.
Dee Dee has been a fixture on Melbourne’s radio airwaves for more than 30 years and moves into the slot vacated by Denis Walter, who will present 3AW Nights next year.
The queen of Melbourne radio, Dee Dee was part of the groundbreaking Fox FM Morning Crew in the1980s, moved to the breakfast show on Gold FM in 2000, and currently co-hosts The Weekend Break on 3AW.
3AW Station Manager, Stephen Beers, says, “A generation of Melburnians has grown up listening to Dee Dee hosting some of the most successful radio programs this city has ever produced. We now invite them to join us in this latest chapter of our afternoon program as we embark on a new journey of entertaining and informing Melbourne.”
Dee Dee says, “I am beyond excited to take on this new role. It’s my dream job. It’s a big task, taking over from Denis Walter, who has been loved by his audience over the last 11 years, but I’m up for the challenge.
“I’ll be keeping a close eye on breaking news across the afternoon, and I’m looking forward to having discussions on current affairs, and of course I’m always looking for a laugh, so I’ll make sure there’s plenty of fun, too. If I had to sum up the new show, I’d say it will be fun and informative.
“Of course it’s sad leaving my on-air partner Grubby, but he has made it easy for me by being incredibly supportive and encouraging. Grubby has been my rock throughout our 32 years on air together, and we remain the best of friends. I’m thrilled that he’ll join me for a weekly catch-up on the show.”
Dee Dee will commence hosting 3AW Afternoons from Monday, January 13, 2020.




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