Denton and Keller together again for Interview

They’ve known each other since they were in their teens and have worked together on radio, but the relationship that Andrew Denton has with Amanda Keller gives him a unique insight into her life.

In the latest instalment of Interview, they reminisce about her obsession with Barry Manilow and from her time at Simon Townsend’s Wonder World to her time on Denton in the nineties.

They spent time onair together at Triple M, during which Amanda was undergoing IVF treatment leading to the birth of her son Liam.

For 15 years she and Jonesy have been doing breakfast radio, and sharing details of her families private life has become more difficult now that her two boys are older and she recently told one of her sons, “ … you should be able to feel free in your home to have a life without fear that I will mine that for the radio.”

Denton talked to Jonesy and Amanda on air at WSFM breakfast to promote the show and roast Amanda Keller further.




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