Deputy PM OK with Jones’ $1.2m, as Flint & ex-ABA Lawyer Differ over Letters

Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, has bought into the David Flint controversy, saying he has no problem with Telstra paying for endorsements, like the $1.2m to Alan Jones, as long as it is within the rules.

Mr Anderson says as long all parties behave ethically and within the rules, he does not have a problem with the sponsorship arrangement: “As long as they obey and the station obeys the disclosure laws, then people know what’s going on and they will make their own judgements as to what weight they give to views that are being put.

“But, I do make the point that people are terribly discerning about what they they believe anyway. You can’t feed them bulldust – it doesn’t wash – they see straight through it.”

Meanwhile, ABA chief, David Flint, remains under pressure to resign, after failing to declare a ‘warm exchange’ of letters with Alan Jones.

While admitting a mistake in failing to declare the letters before heading an inquiry into Jones, the heat is still on Professor Flint, despite stepping aside from the ABC Iraq ‘bias’ investigation.

The latest pressure has come via the ABA’s former legal counsel, who has appeared on ABC Radio’s ‘PM’ program, contradicting the Flint explanation of non-disclosure.

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